COVID-19 May Make Your Mortgage More Affordable

First off, we want you to know that we’re in this crisis together. Sure, we’ve made adjustments to accommodate the “temporary new normal,” but still, know that we’re here for you more than ever before! And that includes watching the market to find opportunities for your homeownership goals and financial goals. While there is much […]

COVID-19 and Refinancing: Getting Access to Your Home Equity

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has changed everything. We’re all making the necessary changes and adjusting to the uncertainty and general weirdness that this virus has caused. While even financial experts are unsure about what will happen next, there are a few clues that we can hone in on to prepare mortgage-wise for the upcoming […]

Staying Safe From COVID-19 Scams

It’s unfortunate but familiar –crisis makes people more vulnerable to scams. And with this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, scammers are sure to be lurking close by. Save and share this information to help avoid potential fraudsters in their tracks. FIVE POTENTIAL COVID-19 SCAMS TO BE AWARE OF PHONE SCAMS Fraudsters may call pretending to be from […]