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Gary Burmeister began his career in the mortgage industry in 1999, initially as a mortgage broker. He found great satisfaction in working with multiple lenders, comparing rates, and offering various loan products. After nine years as a broker, Gary transitioned to the retail side for a 14-year tenure. Despite finding success, he missed the flexibility and advantages of the broker model, including the ability to secure better rates and access diverse loan programs.

Watching the growth of FCMF over the years, Gary observed the establishment of an operational framework by Jason and Aaron that ensured loan officers’ success. Impressed by their commitment to support, Gary made the decision to join FCMF with confidence, knowing he would receive the assistance needed for swift and efficient results. This move has enabled him to expand his business without concerns about timely closings or document chasing from clients.

Recognizing the paramount importance of robust support in today’s mortgage market, Gary acknowledges FCMF’s exceptional provision of such support, making it an indispensable partner for his professional growth and success.

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