Getting to Know Leaders Behind One of the First Coast’s Top Mortgage Brokerages

Original article published in the Ponte Vedra Recorder.

Whether you’ve been considering a move or looking to lower your monthly rate, finding a trusted lender to help you navigate the process can be tough, especially in today’s crazy real estate market.

Traditionally most people tend to turn to their financial institution or bank when in need of lending because it may seem easier and not require research in terms of finding the right partner, but you could be losing out on tremendous benefits that come with working with a mortgage broker by doing so!

That’s where working with a team like First Coast Mortgage Funding could be your best bet.


First Coast Mortgage Funding was established in March of 2020 by Jason Kindler and Aaron Bacus, right before the pandemic wreaked havoc nationwide. With a combined 50+ years in residential lending, they saw a gap on the First Coast when it came to reliable partners homeowners could trust for their lending needs, leading them to launch their own business. Having previously worked for a variety of lenders, they felt the frustrations of not being able to get their clients the best the market had to offer, which is why when they launched First Coast Mortgage Funding they decided to open as a mortgage brokerage. As a brokerage, they have access to numerous options, meaning their clients not only get the best rates but also are presented options when working with them.
It’s no surprise that since opening a little over a year ago, First Coast Mortgage has seen tremendous success under Jason and Aaron’s leadership. Besides being able to meet the foundational lending needs of their clients, Jason and Aaron have created a culture that is incomparable to others in the industry.

With a customer centric focus, Aaron and Jason have not only been able to process over $240 million in loans since opening in early 2020 but also have attracted some of the top lending talent on the First Coast, with the team now boasting four loan officers, a relationship partner and a number of top tier support staff.


While First Coast Mortgage may be a newer company, that has not stopped them from achieving great recognition within their industry as top financial leaders out of the gate. Recently they were recognized as a Diamond Status Lender by one of their lending partners, United Wholesale Mortgage, making them a key account. Recognized as the #2 largest lender in the nation, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) is definitely a top source to be recognized by in today’s residential lending arena. As a Diamond Status Lender for UWM, First Coast Mortgage President Jason Kindler was even invited to ring the bell on the stock market as UWM went public in late July. Does all of the above sound foreign to you? The following stats may help put everything in perspective. Currently Aaron is ranked No. 4 in all of Florida and number 118th nationally as a top performing loan officer, with Jason close behind him at No. 7 in all of Florida and 207th nationally. These guys know what they’re doing and have the success to prove it!


When you choose to work with First Coast Mortgage for your residential lending needs, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving the best rates and service on the First Coast! With offices located in Nocatee, it’s easy to pop in for any needs you may have or you can call them any time at (904) 770-5000 to explore what options are best for you. Right now the market is hot and rates are historically low. If you haven’t already, you should definitely reach out to Jason or Aaron to see what your options could be for getting the best rate on your new or existing home.