How We're Different

What We Do to Differentiate at First Coast Mortgage Funding

We Care – First Coast Mortgage Funding is local, trusted, and invested in every family we assist. We strive to prove that mortgages can be done faster, easier, and more affordably.

The only acceptable thing is if a client and partner say everyone on the team was TRULY OUTSTANDING.

Our 13 Step System Is Built on Speed and Communication

  • We have a system that is followed 100% by all team members to ensure that the client gets the same great experience no matter who the loan officer is.
  • We have access to over 30 lenders to ensure complete confidence, control, & customization for each family’s unique needs.
  • We are experts at resale, and all team members carry extensive new construction experience to ensure a smooth experience from contract to closing.
  • Our applications are entered and processed within an hour of receipt
  • Our front-end loan partners call the borrower and agent to introduce and talk about the pre-qualification.
  • We send proposals with thorough explanations and utilize video with our clients.
  • We have timelines for our front-end loan partners to ensure clients are being taken care of and the preapprovals are happening quickly, and when under contract, the file is moving the same day toward disclosures and underwriting.
  • Our front-end loan partners submit the loan to underwriting, ensuring no time is lost between underwriting and processing.
  • Our front-end loan partners are NMLS licensed.
  • Our administrative coordinator orders and follows up with all appraisals, title, and homeowners insurance.
  • Our administrative coordinator makes sure appraisals are being assigned and delivered in the quickest timeframes possible.
  • We have a series of emails that provide a summation of each step of the process that each client receives as their loan is moving through the process.
  • When the file is underwritten, our processors call and introduce themselves and tell the client the good news of their conditional approval.
  • Our standard is that we have our loans cleared to close two weeks before closing.
  • Our team reviews every loan in the pipeline weekly. Any loans not cleared to close within two weeks of the close date are given special attention.
  • Our processors have precise communication with clients about timelines and conditions that are needed.
  • We work as a team for speed and convenience. Each client is assigned to only 1 loan partner and 1 loan processor so that they may also feel the personalized attention and not feel like they are working with too many team members. The loan officer oversees this every step of the way to ensure that no details are missed.
  • Our Realtors and Builder partners are copied on communication, including email and text updates, as the client moves through the process.
  • Our processors work diligently with our lender and title company to get the final closing disclosure balanced and delivered to the client quickly.
  • We deliver our closing packages early and ensure our clients have final figures in advance.
  • With our team, the relationships with our clients are not transaction-based. Each loan officer is committed to being a resource for all past clients for questions and is an advocate for the Realtor future business.