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Melanie, a seasoned voyager in the realm of Real Estate for a quarter of a century, holds licenses in the WV and FL. Her odyssey has seen her don various mantles within the industry – from a humble agent to a sagacious broker, even ascending to the revered post of education director for both agencies and the state.

Venturing into the domain of mortgages in recent years, she now yields licenses in Florida and Georgia. A native of WV, she transplanted her roots to Florida in the year 2018, where she continues to weave her tale.

After 25 years in real estate, I’ve never met a more top-notch, super organized mortgage broker! When I ventured into mortgages, First Coast Mortgage was my one and only destination. They run like a smooth engine, and that cozy family vibe? It’s unmatched!

Melanie Lamb Mortgage Officer Jacksonville, Fl